Lewisville Elementary recognized its September Students of the Month. Each student was chosen by their teacher who exhibited the character attribute of honesty. These students have set great example by doing their own work, asking for things before taking them, telling the truth when they have done something wrong, and returning something that doesn’t belong to them. Pictured are: Kylee Walters, Kylie White, Shayla Boone, Zaniah Kirkpatrick , Maddy Clark,  John Miller,  Leah Duggins,  Rayanna Blake, Juelz Bush, Zachary Rogers, Zavier Cousar, Deion Clement, Cheyanna Vaughn, Trista Kennedy, Mason Conner, Knox McBrayer, Kaliyah Dye, MaKenzie McCullough, Jaden Schulyer, Abby Barnes, Hubert Lin, Zackary Gillcrese, Bradon Smith,Sterlin Barton, Azariah Ingram, Aiden Carpenter, Sydney Rollins, Makya Thompson, Ava Beard, Azariah Ingram, Joaquan Howze,  Lyviana Akers,  Bailey Barton  and Spring Waits.  Also pictured are teacher coordinators  Jo Yoder and  Dr. Felicia McGowan. Students were treated with a healthy snack, games, and music.


Lewisville Elementary recognized its October Students of the Month. Students were chosen by their teacher whom displayed the character trait of respect. These students have set great examples by treating others politely, helping other students who need help, listening to their teacher in school, keeping their desk and school clean, obeying school rules and respecting their teacher’s decisions. Students were served a healthy snack, played games, and enjoyed music. Pictured are:  Kadence White, Kaylin Hampton, Jaelyn Davis, Kristen Lee, Kaytlen Peck, Will McCallister, Mariah Wallace, Trinity Price Savannah Costner, Jon Seegars, Abby McCall, David Archie, Catie Carter, Lamarion Shannon, Sheekeng Yang, Jaden Archie,  Krislyn Bolin, Brian Hernandez, Addison Jones, Jordan Welch, Mason Morrison, Claire Taylor, Jahmiere Howze, Hannah Walters, Michael Kinnedy, Ariyanna Simpson, Madison Dawkins, Music-Silas McFadden, Zachary Rogers, Media- Jordan Scott, Emily Casey, Isabella Jackson, Hayden White and Gage Thompson. Also pictured are teacher coordinators Jo Yoder and Dr. Felicia McGowan. The school's principal is Wanda Frederick.



Lewisville Elementary recognized its November Students of the Month. Students were selected by their teacher whom have shown the quality of “gratefulness”. Gratefulness means appreciating what you have, and express thanks for the benefits that you receive. This attitude makes you pleasant to be around. You can show gratefulness by saying, "Thank You". Pictured are: Ethan Turner, Malachi Brown, Dylan Hudson, Collin Roberts, Dajah White, Memphis Ellis, Breonna Hammond, Alicey Yang, Jordyn Miller, Shiyah Barnes, Aiden Gardner, Daniela Picazo Dominguez, McKinley Wishert , Keon Boulware, Dominic Garcia, Tamiah Spence, Luke Espitia, Abel Cortes, Madison Garcia, Bailey Barton, Jamilet Ramirez, Jayden Simpson,  Emilee Smith, Leah Duggins Caleb Bronson, A’Lexyah Padilla, Michael Bushey, Delaney Shaw, Rylin Brooks,Benjamin Phillips,  Sean Winchester, Kaden Crane, Bryan Jones, Ryan Duffen and Autumn Strong. Student served a healthy treat, played educational games, and danced. Teacher coordinator is Jo Yoder.


Lewisville Elementary recognized its January Students of the Month. Teachers selected a student whom displayed the character trait of determination. These students have shown that they have a desire to work hard in class and not give up when something is hard, complete their work in a timely manner. They do their best in everything they do and set goal to be great students. Pictured are:  Alyssa Rollings, Benjamin Phillips, Jaden Canipe, Cayden Skipper , LiDarus Gaines, Jakarri Strong, Trinity Connor, Victor Kimbrough , Hailee Loftin, Damya McCollough, Jordan Fields, Ebby McWhirter , Tikyra Barber, Jacorreun Howze, Will Hough, Hunter Sims , Marley Gee, Ethan Alt, Xavier Stevenson, Kaniya Thompson , Ri’Darius Harris, Arnikki Belk, Jesius Gladden, Desmond Fisher , Brooklyn Osborne, Marshall McCarty, Sunny Conner,Da’Len Massey, Kylee Waggoner, Nickolas Jackson , Mason Connor, Lee Dickson, Joaquan Howze, Marley Gee and Kentavious Davis. Also pictured are teacher coordinators Jo Yoder and Dr. Felicia McGowan .


Lewisville Elementary recognized its February Students of the Month.  Students were selected by their teacher based on the character trait of self-control. These students have shown the ability to use self-control in their classroom, fine arts class, and in the hallway and lunchroom.  They are determined to make good choices all the time. Pictured are:   Heather Adkins, Haddie Thompson, Wyatt Faulkner, Zachary Martin , Kylina Sizemore, Haley Smith, R.J. Harris, Casey Duncan , Rayven Boulware, Abby Carter, Samuel Crouch, Layla Tindell , Den’Niyah Robinson,  Hayden White, Nathan King, Olivia StoneJacob Bates, Bristol Jones, Madison McCrorey, Jalen Culp, Damontae Cherry, Sunny Conner, Alyssa Jones, Xavier Windham, Nasir McCullough, Charlie Sims, Lacie Levister,  Isabella Jackson, Shayla Boone, DeAndre Garnes,  Jayla Colvin,  James Bailey, LeShane Green, TyYasmin Hughes and Michael Leonard. Also pictured are teacher coordinators Jo Yoder and Dr. Felicia McGowan. Students enjoyed games, music and were served a healthy snack.


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Lewisville Elementary recognized its March Students of the Month. Students were selected by their teacher whom have shown good citizenship. These students have demonstrated great character by showing respect to their friends and their property, respect for school property and rules, and giving back to their school community. They are honest, responsible, kind and always interested in what you have to say. Students were treated to a healthy snack, games and music. Pictured are: Juan Acateca-Perez, Colt Beard, Jaymes Gillcrese, Jillian Melzer, Curtis Bowser, Ameriya Ervin, Arianna Williams, Caleb Narvaez, Emma Runge, Hunter Self, Victoria Hayes, Stevi Ferrel, Ava Beard, Makenzie Loos, Aiden Thompson, Linkin Cannon, Ana Jimenez, Alexis Price, Justice Crane, Christian Deloatch, Kimora Newman, Jynae Howze, Landon Wagner, Amiya Clyburn, Liam Howell, Landon Wallen, Benjamin Phillips, Aiden Carpenter, Jordan Dotson, Nathan Brindle, Alicey Yang, Juelz Bush, Hanna Leary, Bristol Jones and Deadric Anthony. Also pictured are teacher coordinators Jo Yoder and Lisa Brett. 










Lewisville Elementary recognized its April Students of the Month. Students were chosen by their teacher whom displayed the character trait responsibility. These students have shown tremendous responsibility by always doing what’s right, respecting and listening to adults, coming to school prepared an on time and doing what they say they will do. Pictured are:  Emilee Smith, Braxton Seegars, Becky Pruette, Nolan Rachels, Hannah Hines, Madison Dawkins, Adrianna Williams, Thomas Lowery, Daniela Picazo Dominguez, Abby McCall, Marcel Fee, Skylar Smith,  Page McWhirter, Josue Lozano, Benna Carter, Carley Hardee, Laney Lambert, Matthew Railey, Marque Hammond, Asher McCrorey , Carter James, Sunny Conner, Jacob Gardner, Haven McClain, Jabrinah Harris, Brooklyn Osborne, Nathan Cook, Xavier Cousar , Zaniah Kirkpatrick,Hayden White, Kaylin Hampton, Jayden Willard, Gunnar Brooks and Ruben Trejo-Zavaleta. Students were treated to a healthy snack, games and music. Pictured are teacher coordinators Jo Yoder and Dr. Felicia McGowan.